Group 15 VOCAB:geographer,somebody who studies the envirerment. navigator a worldwide Organization,Iroquois is people of long house,

Samuel de Champlain was born on August 8th in Brouge, France in 1567, and was baptised on August 13 , he made maps from France to the great lakes.his first trip was to north america was on march 15 1603. As a adut he was a mapmaker and navigator like his father. He had a wife, Helene Boulle and 3 children who he adopted. Hope, Charity, and Faith. And moved to New France on july 3rd 1608 , and was known as the father of New France and lived in Quebec.He had a stroke in October 1635, And that caused his death on December 25th 1635.He was also a French Geographer
he searched for the north west passage but never found one. champlain made an a Alliance with the huron. The huron agreed to supply the french with furs, alot of money. In return the french battled the huron`s enemies.
The huron defeated the Iroquois

Samuel De Champlain liked navigating and exploring. He sailed most of North America. And he named a lake after himself Lake Champlain. He helped settle people in Quebec
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