Jean Nicolet

Chapter 1: The Basics:

Way back in 1634 there was a French explorer. His name was Jean Nicolet. He was born in 1598 his exact birthday is not known. He decided to travel to Michigan to try to discover the Northwest passage, although he never did, he found more land than he knew was there. He expected to meet Indians, and he did. He planned to live among them, learn their language, trade furs, and make peace with them. He lived with a friendly Indian tribe in Allumette Island on the Ottawa river. He was 20 years old when he traveled to New France at the request of his well known friend Samuel de Champlain. He also discovered Lake Michigan. He traveled from Montreal to Lake Michigan. He found the land between Lake superior and Lake Michigan. He drowned in a boat accident in 1642 in Sillary, near Quebec City.

Chapter 2: Some Questions We Asked:

Did he have a motive, if so, what was it? Yes, He wanted to find the Northwest Passage.

How long did he live? 44 years.

Was he proud of his accomplishments? Yes.
Did he have a family? Yes.
Did he have a nickname? Yes, people called him Man Of The Guns because he always had two guns in his hands.
Did he ever work with anyone else? Yes, Samuel de Champlain and a couple other Indian Tribes.
Did he ever receive help from others? Yes.
Did he ever leave a legacy, if so, what was it? Yes, he discovered Lake Michigan.

Chapter 3: Maps and Images:

This is a mapNicolletmap.GIF This is a picture of Nicoletexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTzgGWxJ5ZPyOtuKuUWaM6uHiEiPpC_svp132rTPPdFAtwCR_-5gw

Of the route Nicolet took

Chapter 4: Timeline:

In 1598: Jean Nicolet was born

In 1618: Nicolet traveled to Quebec (New France)

In 1624: He became the Nipissing Tribe's Interpreter

In 1620: Nicolet was sent to live with the Nipissing Tribe

In 1629: Quebec was captured by the English and Nicolet, who was loyal to France, took refuge in Huron County

In 1634: Jean Nicolet was the first European known to reach Wisconsin and makes his expedition to western great lakes.

In 1642: He drowned in a boat accident