Jean Nicollet: Explorer
By: Eva and Miles
Jean Nicollet was a French Explorer.
He was the first European to
Travel through the great lakes area.

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jean Nicollet has two pistols.

Jean Nicollet returned to Quebec in 1633.He was born in 1598 and died in 1642.This is how he died he drowned on his boat from some wind.His dads name was Thomas Nicollet.Jean and his dad Thomas went to a Roman catholic church.Jean was an interpreter, explorer , public servant and colonist.He was born in Cherbourg.
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This is a map of Jean Nicolet’s route.Jean sailed to Canada 1618 to work for a fur-trading company.
Jean Nicolet came to New France with Samuel de Champlain in 1618. In 1634 under the direction of Samuel de Champlain, he took a notable voyage west in search of the north west passage,exploring Lake Michigan,green bay,and the fox river.

Jean Nicolet and his wife Marguerite had two kids. Jean is the first European to cross Lake Michigan. In 1634 he became the first European to explore what would became Wisconsin.

He learned a lot of Indian languages so then he got to be an interpreter for the French colony at the three rivers.

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