Jacques Marquette

was born in loan,France in 1637 he died may 18, 1675 at age 37.marquette died near the marquette river

He joined a group of people who liked jesus age 17.After several years working and teaching the people assigned him to New France in 1666 as a missionary to the Americans.he showed great grammar learning the local languages.
In 1668 father marquette was moved by his explorers to missions farther up the st.lawrence River in the western Great Lakes region.I

He became a jesuit priest.
He was sent to new france in 1666. where he studied native american language under a missionary at trois river.
In 1669 marquette reached la pointe mission on chequamegon bar
He got a sickness during the mississippi reasearch.
In spring of 1675 marquette travelled west and celibrated a church gathering at grand village of the llino near starved rock.

He helped founded missions a salut ste. Marie's in present day michigan at la pointe
on Lake Superior near the present city of Ashland Wisconsin. At la pointe he encountered members odd the llanos tribes.
Who told him about the inporter traid in routes.

Fun fact
his mother entertained him by telling him tales about the jesuits

He founded the first settlement in Michigan

The peer Marquette railroad was named after him


This is a map of jacques marquette and louis jolliet this is a informaitional video about jacques marquette

This is jacques marquette


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