explorer.jpgJaques Marquette
Once you find out that our explorer found the first european settlement in MI you'll see that he is a pretty cool explorer.
Did you know that Marquette got dygnosed with a diesies called Dysentery and died in 1677. I bet you did't know that he and Jolliet discovered the Mississippi river.
Marquette was born in France on June 1-1637.He joined the society of Jesus at age 17 and became a Jesuit missionary. In 1668 Marquette andexternal image Pere_Marquette_closup.JPG Jolliet explored the mississippi river together but Marquette's dad ordered Marquette to come back to Quebec. Marqette stuidied and taught in the jesuit colleges of France for about 12 years.In may. Marquette joined the society of jesus at the age 17 and becuse a jesuit missionsin. He found missions in present-day Michigan and later joined explorer Louis Joliet on an expediton to discover and map the Mississippi river. Marquette was the frist one to descoverd the Mississippi river. In May 1673 Marquette,Jolliet and 5 other french men paddled across the Mississippi river becuase they thought it would lead them to the Pacific ocean. Marquette learned to speak fluently in 6 different Native American dialects and became a expert on Huron language . Marquette established more missions father up St.Lawrence river in the western great lakes region. He helped establish missions at suat st.marie. A disease marked by freauent watery stools.

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