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Samuel de Champlain was born in 1567 in France. When he was in school, he discovered his intrest for mathimatics and explorers. When he could have studied geography and navigation, he chose not to. In 1603, Champlain had his first voyage to early Canada in search for furs, where he stayed for 5 years. In 1608, he made a trading post that he named Qubec (now everyday Qubec city, Canada).

The Huron accepted Champlain as one of them because of his weapons. In 1616, Champlain got married to Helene Boulle (age twelve) when he was 43 years old. Champlain and Helene wanted children, so Champlain went and adopted three little girls. Then tragedy struck. One of their duaghters, the youngest one, was sent back to her birth home, while the other two were kidnapped. Helene and Champlain never saw their children again.

In 1629, the English came to take Champlain as their prisoner. Champlain did escape, and went to his trading post. He stayed there for three more years. In 1635, Champlain died unexpectidly on Christmas day. We don't really know how he died, but it could have been linked to his stroke in October, 1635.

Champlain had three ships:

1). Levrier (the hunt dog) was commanded by his friend Du Pont.
2). St. Julien was the ship that Champlain got from his uncle-in-law, who was also an explorer.
3). His main ship was the Don-de-dieu (Gift of God) was commanded by himself.

Questions and Answers

Q). How far away did Champlain live from the Huron?

A). Champlain lived about 1,603 miles away from the Huron.

Q). Did Champlain have any other jobs than a explorer?

A). He was a map maker, geographor, navigator,
cartographer, draughtsman, soldier, geographer, ethnologist, diplomat, and chronicler.

Q). Was Champlain married, and if so, how old was he when he got married?

A). He was married to a 12 year old named Helene Boulle at age 43.

Q). Was Champlain weatlhy or poor?

A). He was very wealthy but his parents were poor.

One of the maps Champlain made to find the northwest passsage
One of the maps Champlain made to find the northwest passsage


1603- went on his first voyage to Canada for fur

1604- second trip to North America

1608- founded a trading post he named Quebec. remained there for three years

1616- got married to twelve year old Hellene Boulle, at age 43

1629- Champlain was taken by the English. Champlain was taken prisoner in England

1633- returned to trading post

1635- reamained in Quebec untill he died on christmas day(age of 68) because of the stroke he had in October
Champlain himself
Champlain himself


Quebec-a city in Canada
diplomat- a perosn appointed by a state
cartographer-the study and practice of making maps
draughtsman-A visual artist who specialises in art
ethnologist- the branch of people and their realationships
chronicler-a historical account of facts and events


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