Katlin & Rachel's answers and questions to Louis Jolliet

One windy day in Quebec,Canada (what was known, back then, as new France), on September 21,1645 a baby named Louis Jolliet was born.
When he was older he went to school at a Jesuit School, but he had deeper feelings for exploring and adventure. When he was a lot older he lived up to his dream of exploring.
After he did a lot of studying, the French government told him to join Jacques Marquette from 1620 to 1698. He must
go on an expedition down the Mississippi River. After months of planing for the expedition they were off. They traveled down the St. Ignace River in May 1673, and brought 5 men. They traveled to Green Bay and went down the Fox River to the Wisconsin River which led to the Mississippi River. He never found the North West passage.
In 1675 he turned 30 he got married to Claire Francoi and later had one kid ... Dun dun da and died 35 years later ...that was the end of Louis Jolliet.

  • Was he French? We have that question because in a book that we read it said he was a French trader and when we looked on a web sight it says he was born in Canada. He was French because Canada was a French territory in his time.
  • Was he friends with native Americans? Yes, Becaues fur trader with the Native Americans and others people to.
  • Where did he get his money for the expeditions? He got his money from the government.
  • Did he fur trade on his expedit ions? Yes he did fur trade on his expeditions.
  • Did he enjoy his job? Yes because it was his dream to explore and have advents
Fun Facts
Louis Jolliet was a teacher, Freanch explorer, Musician, Hydrographer, Fur Trader.
Louis Jolliet was Chistian.
Louis Jolliet only went on one expditon down the Mississippi River.
When Louis Jolliet weht on the expditon down the Mississippi River he met two Native American tribe.

Time Line
Louis Jolliet was born in,1645
He entered a jesuit college in,1656
He was a religious man but he withdrew from the seminary in, 1662.
He went on his expditon in,1673.
He dide in, 1700

This is the map of wher Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet traveld to and from the Mississippi River
This is the map of wher Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet traveld to and from the Mississippi River
external image Louis-Joliet-20973103-1-402.jpg

Michigan Book We got are pictuer from Google