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louis and marquette were on a jesuit mission to show other indians that quebec was a safe place to go and they came in peace they also claimed land for their
leader of quebec.

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here is our timeline!

louis was born in New France

choosen to lead missisipi voyage with marquette and 5 other ship members

travelled from greenbay to fox river.

1673 july 17
he travelled home

got married and had a kid

he died in 1700


he studied hydrogrophy and entered a jesuit school and learnend how to play harpsichord and had good education quebec canada was orriginally a fur trading ground. louis grew up learning alot about them


he later on met marquette after spending years as a trapper and trader in the great lakes and was sent out by quebecs leader to voyage along the missisipi he also visited fox river, green bay, and other areas in wisconson
he had a cruise booat named after him many malls of his famous landmarks. they found the grounds of what later on became chicag
some people have theories that he died from a capsize in 1700. while going down the saint lawrence river. no one ever saw him again no one ever knew for sure.

louis jolliet married clarie francoise bissot on october 7, 1675 they had one child, jean baptiste joliet.
louis and Marquette were looking for the north west passage and retried going down the Mississippi river, they ended up in Mexico though and met friendly idians to help them fined the way back he also came Moore involved in to church and family life.


map of louises travels (above)

this is a pic of louis jolliet