Jean Nicolet

Many countries sent explores to North America after it was discovered,one of them was France. The French were interested in the fur trade. The french set up trading posts so they could trade things with the indians for pelts.The french were ALSO looking for water ways that would go to the far east. One of the most famous french explores in the Badger state was Jean Nicolet. He arrived in what is now known as green bay by water in 1634. The problem is the the french carried some diseases that the Winnebago indians did not immunity from so many of them died. Nicolet canoed along the Lake Michigan shore to the Wolverines state's upper peninsula. Nicolet had arrived to New france (Canada) and had to live with a Indian Tribe on Allumette Island in The Ottawa river to learn Algonquin language and culture. Nicolet traveled up the st.lawrence river and lived with the allumette island for two years. Jean nicolet was also a negiator. He had a wife he was born in normandy france and sailed to canada.

Nicolet went to Quebec to sign a treaty in 1634. He thought he found the Pacific Ocean but he found Lake Michigan. He then traveled from Montreal to Lake Michigan. he was a translator
he was born in 1598. he was 44 years and 10 months old when he died in November 1 1642. he also visited what is now Illinois and Wisconsin. first to travel across lake Michigan. Nicolet was twenty when
he went to New France as requested by fellow explorer Samuel De Champlain. he was learned the Alqongian language. his goal was to find the asia route. he left a legacy by leaving nicolet high school in WI. His favorite subject was mathmatics. He drownded in 1642 his boat was trampled down by a gust of wind.

Jean Nicolet is as much as a Wisconsin hero.
Nicolet was born in 1958 near Cherbourg, Normandy in France,
He was the son of Thomas Nicolet and Marguerite Delaney. He was the son of a messenger ordinaire of the king.
He sailed to Canada as a young man in 1618 to work for a fur-trading company. Once there, he was sent to live among the Native Americans to learn their language in order to help negotiate trading furs. He became an interpreter and he was good at his job. During this time, Nicolet lived with the Huron and Algonquin tribes, learning their languages and customs.
Jean Nicolet returned to Quebec in 1632 after living among the Hurons.
In 1634 he joined an expedition that journeyed westward into the Huron territory.
There he obtained a large canoe to searched for the Pacific Ocean.
He is believed to be the first European explorer to cross Lake Michigan and set foot in Wisconsin. His water route became a main fur trading route for the French.
He also traveled along the Wisconsin and Illinois Rivers, possibly reaching the Mississippi in 1634. He thought he had reached the Pacific but realized that the Pacific and Asia were further west than he expected.
He lived with the Ho Chunk tribe for two years. This tribe harvested rice from the waters and it was a main part of their diet. This lead Nicolet to think that the indians must be from or near the Pacific Ocean, and would provide a direct contact with China.
Nicolet became the French ambassador to the Ho-Chunk people. He was known for wearing a brightly colored Chinese robes and carried two pistols, to convey his authority. The Ho-Chunk people enjoyed his outfit and respected him. With some Ho-Chunk guides, Nicolet traveled south down the Wisconsin River until it began to widen. So sure was he that he was near the ocean, that he stopped and went back to Quebec to report his discovery of the Pacific, unaware it was the Mississippi River.

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the red line is his route
jean nicolet arriveing in what is now Wisconsin
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